Why did I feel a need for this ministry?
Because I lived with many people on SSD. People are sharing homes and apartments 6 people because no one can afford to live alone. Many people I have met disabled adults diagnosed with diseases in their 30s 40s and have no 401K or trustfund. They have $1,000 a month on SSD, SSI and no food stamps and don’t qualify. Food banks have cut back. These people are not eating healthy and can not even afford to live. I met so many people throughout the USA. This is an area forgotten and uncared for families and becoming disabled as an adult with a family.

Why use Grapevine Ministries (GVM)?
Trust! The people involved with the ministry have walked in the footsteps of these people or have member disabled so they want to help those in need.

Awareness about what?
Nutrition and exercise and how important it is to remain strong and stay active and as healthy as possible. I was sick quite often before I started better nutrition and exercise. Helping others through the ministry any way we can help them get strong spiritually and physically.

How will they qualify?
Must provide SSD documents and letter refusing assistance from other options and what the person needs. Then the board assess the situation and if the person is wanting to go to the gym and get better and feel better then we are the ministry to help.

What is Grapevine Ministries promoting?
Exercise and commitment to self. The importance of physical activity. So if there is something you want as an overall motto for GVM it will be exercise is key! That’s my favorite saying about beating CF. Besides God first!