Donna Marie Froncillo
Grapevine Ministries Founder

I believe that the lives of everyone who are suffering from chronic and serious illnesses can be made better to the fullest degree. My ministries extend spiritual, financial, and moral support in pursuit of this goal. I personally examine each individual who comes to me, evaluate their needs, and establish a personal relationship with them as we work towards fulfilling a plan according to the goals we establish.

I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, a life-threatening disease, in 2007. I have personal experience in dealing with my surroundings in trying to manage this disease while seeking assistance in dealing with medical expenses, living expenses, spiritual doubt, emotional depression, and the whole range of difficult issues confronting the seriously and chronically ill.

At times I was overwhelmed with the issues facing me. Rather than sink further into despair, with the help of God and fellow-sufferers and my friends, I have committed myself to look outwardly beyond my personal situation and focus on helping others with the hope that more and more of us will come to share in this vision and spread the message to others in need.